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Tampa DUI Attorney

Las Vegas Out of State DUIs & Tickets Lawyer

Unfortunately, the old saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is not true when it comes to a DUI arrest. Most states adhere to the Driver’s License Compact (DLC), which requires states to any report tickets and other traffic violations received by drivers in their state back to the driver’s home state. This means that your DUI will follow you home, making you vulnerable to license suspension and penalties in your own state as well as Nevada. If you were arrested on DUI charges while on vacation in Las Vegas, contact an experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney as soon as possible.

DUI trials are complicated enough on their own, but that can be multiplied when you trying to defend yourself from out of state. A good DUI attorney can help you bridge that gap. Your attorney can schedule your court date, build your case and consult with witnesses and forensics experts, and even appear on your behalf if you cannot make it back to Las Vegas in time. Even when you are miles away, your attorney can fight to protect your rights.

Our Las Vegas DUI Attorney Has Extensive Experience

Our team of Las Vegas DUI attorneys has successfully handled all types of DUI cases for our clients throughout Las Vegas and surrounding counties, and we are happy to extend our services to out of state clients from across the country as well. If you are facing a Las Vegas DUI from miles away, don’t ignore it: fight it. We are available around the clock, online and over the phone, so that you can reach us on your terms with any concerns about your case. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Las Vegas DUI attorney today.


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