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DUI Accident Attorneys

When you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you put yourself and those around you at a significantly big risk for the injuries and damages of a car accident. If your impaired state led to an accident where someone was seriously injured, juries and judges are not afraid to hand down the harshest penalties available. If you are involved in an accident and facing DUI charges, you need the defense of an experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney immediately.

A DUI involving an accident usually leads to felony charges, especially if someone was killed or seriously injured in the accident. A felony is a charge with major consequences: you could face steep fines and years in prison. Even after you are out, the stigma of a felony conviction could follow you around for the rest of your life, making it difficult to find a job and build a future for yourself beyond the accident. A good DUI attorney knows that the time to fight is well before your case even goes to trial. Even if you think your case is hopeless, we know that there is always a way to defend you. Whether we call the procedure behind your arrest into question, or fight to have faulty BAC test evidence suppressed, we aggressively defend you and fight to have your case dismissed.

Our Las Vegas DUI Attorney Provides Strong Defense

Our firm’s Las Vegas DUI attorneys have successfully defended our clients against all types of DUI offenses in Las Vegas and surrounding counties, including felony DUI and DUIs involving accidents. When you are facing these serious charges, you cannot afford to go without quality legal representation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Las Vegas DUI attorney today.


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