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A Las Vegas DUI Attorney

Las Vegas BUI Info Lawyer

With Lake Mead just a few short miles away, Las Vegas has endless opportunities for water recreation. With that said, it is important to remember that safety while boating is essential. Operating a boat while drinking can lead to accidents and injuries just as severe as if you were driving a car; because of this, if you are caught boating under the influence (BUI), you could face charges and penalties similar to those of a DUI. If you are facing BUI charges in Las Vegas, you need the help of an experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney immediately.

Just like with DUI, prosecutors have a lot to prove in order to see you convicted of BUI charges. A good DUI attorney has extensive knowledge of local boating and DUI laws, and knows how to use them to protect you. If the prosecution cannot prove that you were definitely driving the boat, that you were intoxicated while you were at the wheel, and that your arrest and BAC tests were conducted to the letter of the law, your case could be thrown out before you even see trial. Your Las Vegas DUI lawyer can examine the details of your arrest and use the evidence to build a solid case in your defense.

Our Las Vegas DUI Attorney Provides Skilled Defense

Our Las Vegas DUI attorneys have successfully defended our clients against a number of DUI charges in Las Vegas and surrounding counties, including charges of boating under the influence. Don’t let BUI charges ruin your dreams of boating recreation: fight back with the help of an attorney who will aggressively defend your rights. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Las Vegas DUI attorney today.


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